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Step-by-step guide to Garage Door Springs Repair

Introduction of Garage Door Spring Repair

These instructions for replacing garage door torsion springs are meant for homeowners who prefer DIY repairs. If one of your torsion springs has broken and you’re looking for instructions to change the springs safely and correctly, then these instructions should help. The first thing to remember is not to open or close the garage door if you notice the springs are broken as garage doors are very heavy and any movement will probably damage the opener.

There are some things you need to know about your garage doors before you decide to buy new springs.

  1. The weight of your garage door
  2. The torsion spring dimensions
  3. The model and size of the garage door you own
  4. The track radius
  5. The cable drum number

Getting Started

Tools you’re going to need

  1. Safety glasses to keep your eyes protected
  2. Winding Bars – It is very important to have proper winding bars to wind the garage springs safely.
  3. A set of vice grips to help you set the cable
  4. Wrenches and sockets
  5. You’ll also need a firm ladder, a ruler and a file

It is also imperative to make sure that your garage is well-lit and that the garage door springs repair doesn’t happen while the garage door is left open.

Measure the old and new garage door springs

Measure both sets of springs to make sure you have identical springs. Make sure you don’t touch the winding cones on the end of the springs as sometimes torsion springs spin just from touching them.

Mark Torsion Shaft

garage door torsion springMaking sure that the cables are still tight on the drums, mark the torsion shaft and the drums at both ends with a file. If both springs are broken, wrap the cables around both the drums and then make the marks. These markings are extremely important as you will need them to level the door after the torsion springs are installed.

Unwind old springs

Now unwind the old spring that is not broken. For this, use winding bars that are at least 18 inches long and not screwdrivers. Make sure the winding bars fit perfectly into the winding cones. It is recommended that the winding bars are marked with tape first. To do this, insert the bar into the winding cone and then tape the bar. It is now time to unwind the old spring.

Loosen Torsion Hardware

Loosen first and then remove the bolts that secure the torsion cones to the spring bracket. Slide the springs out over the top of the garage door. Loosen the set screws on the drum above the left side of the garage door until the drum turns freely and then remove the cable from the drum.  Do the same for the other side.

Replace springs

First slide the drum away from the bearing plate. Pull the shaft to the right until it slides out of the bearing. Repeat on the other side.  Inspect the bearing and then lubricate it. Next remove the cable drums. Now slide on new springs. Reinstall the cable drum and slide the shaft back into the bearings.

Reinstall Torsion Hardware

Slide the drum on the shaft and then the shaft into the bearings aligning with the marks made earlier. After inserting the cables, make sure you pull down the drum to tighten the cable. Then secure the torsion springs in the middle. Wind the spring up. Carefully test the screws then by pulling down on the bar. Make sure that the door stays on the floor when you raise the bar.

Check and lubricate the door.

Check the door balance by open the garage door slowly. Then oil the springs with viscous oil. Now the opener can be engaged again and your door is ready to be used.

All this said replacing garage door springs is extremely dangerous and could cause injury and/or damage to property. If you have any doubts about your ability to change these springs safely, do call a qualified technician.


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Top 5 Tricks for Garage Door Opener Repair

Smooth functioning of the garage doors creates a sense of security for the homeowner.

In cases of repairs, depending on the problem it can be either solved manually or call for professional help.

Before asking for professional help the following 5 tricks can be used small problems if any:

Checking Batteries or power supply:

  • If the remote doesn’t seem to be responding, you should check if the wall-mounted switch works. If it does, your problem will be solved by replacing new batteries.
  • When replacement of batteries also doesn’t make the remote work, you will have to buy a new remote. These are easily available in the market you could also upgrade to a universal remote to avoid compatibility issues.
  • In cases of electronic garage door openers, power cable should be tested and placed firmly in the socket.
  • Plugging in different appliance in the same socket helps to check for the possibility of lost power supply.

Inspection of the Garage Door Frames:

  • If the door tends to either not open or close completely, the doors frames should be checked thoroughly.
  • Any dents, bumps, unevenness or misalignment of the frame should be mended.
  • Cleaning of debris accumulated, especially in the tracks.
  • The hinges,brackets, nails and joints tend to get rusted with regular use as well as changing weather, regular oiling will ensure smooth movement of the garage doors and also avoid noises of creaking.
  • The garage door bracket hardware should be fixed tightly on a regular basis.

Proper alignment of Garage Door Sensors:

  • amarr garage doorThe sensors are placed on ground level to sense accurate movement.
  • But this location also tends to make the sensors accumulate dust films.
  • We also tend to place different objects right in front of the sensors such as trash bags, empty boxes etc.
  • Such placements tend to impair the sensor abilities resulting in malfunctioning of the garage door opener.
  • A regular cleaning or dusting of the sensors will keep them functioning in their best form.

Broken Wire Repairs:

  • Sometimes the doors might seem to come down faster or fall on their own. This poses huge risks and can also result in fatal injuries.
  • Broken garage wires might be the reason of this dysfunction.
  • To evaluate you need carefully evaluate the wires protruding from the access master.
  • Before evaluating wires, it is advised to keep the garage doors closed, to avoid sudden descent.
  • Or best option would be to disable the Garage door opener kit.
  • Once the broken wire is detected you can either hire a professional to fix it for you or you can do it yourself with the help wire mending kit easily available in the stores.

Accident use of Release cord:

  • Amarr Designer’s ChoiceRelease cords are used for emergency purposes when for some reason the doors won’t close.
  • This cord is attached to a spring loaded lever when pulled releases the door closing it shut.
  • Since it is for emergency purposes when the emergency cord is activated rest of the services are disabled. This might result in the garage door opener to not respond.
  • In situations like this. The emergency release cord can be pulled away from the opening to reset it.

Garage Door Repair On A Budget

Garage door needs maintenance and repair from time to time as the parts might be worn out due to wear and tear or there might be some problem in the electrical parts or transmitters. Well, some of the damage might be apparent from outside, but there can be some problems, which needs thorough inspection and expert advice. At times, your garage door might need a replacement, rather than repair, but that is a rare occurrence.

Mostly, garage door repairs involve changing of tracks or channels, repair of movable parts or hinges, rectification of sensors, repairing the electrical connections and remote control, etc. Some of these might be DIY tasks, but most of them need specialists. It might be difficult for you to move heavy parts or check for broken parts, so you need a good garage door repair service provider. Sometimes, these repair costs can be expensive, and without proper technical knowledge of the service provider, there can be repeated iterations of the job, which is both time consuming and costly.

So, it is very important to find the right service provider, who will do the best job within your budget. They should have the proper knowledge of defects so that they can suggest the right course of action at the right price.

These are a few important points that you need to remember, while opting for a garage door repair job:

  • You need to check whether the repair jobs can be done by you, but do not try to move heavy parts as you might get hurt doing this
  • From your end, you can ensure that you use proper lubrication and paint or weather-resistant coating or high quality material to ensure the least occurrence of defects and repair. This way you can reduce the cost of repairs.
  • If your garage door really needs repair, search for the best service providers in your locality based on online browsing or personal recommendations
  • Get an estimate of the job and check with two or three service providers. Make sure they come for a free inspection before they give you the estimate.
  • Finally, you also need to check for terms and conditions, and of course the after sales service
  • Choose a garage door service provider, whose estimates a reasonable cost and does a quality job

painting garage door

Sometimes, garage door repair might not be the cheapest option. At times, you need to opt for replacement as it might be a cost effective option. Do not go for cheap quality work, as it will increase the efforts and recurring cost. There are a lot of service providers, who does good work within budget, so make sure you give your requirements to them.

You can also keep the necessary tools ready for repair of common defects, which you know that occurs again and again. So, troubleshoot before you consult the experts, get an estimate of the cost and then decide whether to go ahead with an expert at an affordable budget.

Liftmaster garage doors review

Imagine the luxury of controlling your garage door from just about anywhere you are. Liftmaster internet gateway helps you to control your garage door from your smartphone, laptop etc. To bring you nothing but the best, Plano Overhead doors use Liftmaster door openers for all their garage door series.

The belt driven garage door openers are the most popular and widely used garage door openers in the United States. Plano overhead doors use the Elite Series Liftmaster 8550W Belt Driven garage door openers.  They recommend this series to all their customers for the following reasons:

Low Noise Level:  This belt driven garage door opener with your Plano overhead door is by far the quietest and most reliable garage door opener available. The 3/4hp DC motor within operates smoothly and quietly ensuring the peace of your home is not disturbed every time the garage door opens.

Backup battery: A big plus for the Liftmaster series is the battery backup system that kicks start the moment the power goes out. The battery which is a 12 V DC is always charged and ready to use. This back up power ensures the safety and security features of your Plano overhead doors still operate during a power failure. You can operate the door opener up to 40 times in a 24 hour period on the back-up power.

Durability: The steel mesh inside the belt prevents the steel from grinding with the steel, thus ensuring durability and longevity of the chain. The DC motor is self-lubricating, has steel enclosed gears and self-adapts to weather and changing environmental conditions, and has internal electronic limits ensuring longevity of the door.

Warranty:  Plano overhead door recommends Liftmaster because there is a lifetime warranty on the motor and belt, a 5 year warranty on the other parts and an additional 1 year warranty on labour.

Easy Control: Plano Overhead doors ensure you can comfortably control the door opener from your smartphone, or laptop; determine when the door has to close using the TTC(time to Close) feature; the 3-button remote and digital smart control panel programs the timer, clock and light duration and finally the LED display shows the time and temperature.

Safety: With Plano overhead doors safety is paramount. Liftmaster door openers come with an infrared beam that detects motion, ensuring that no child or pet is ever in danger when near the garage. Rolling code security technology prevents hacking and 2 multi-function motion-sensing remotes ensure safety.

Power Consumption: Plano overhead doors are energy efficient and so are the Liftmaster door openers which consume 75% less power on standby.


Plano overhead doors choice of Liftmaster door opener is apt because these belt driven garage door openers can be controlled wirelessly from anywhere in the world, they are energy efficient consuming less than 75% power and durable with a life time warranty on the DC motor which has self-lubricating gears housed in steel casing and a steel belt. As always Plano overhead door comes with the best components for a smooth and long run.

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How Is Garage Door Plano TX A Competent Service Provider?

If you are looking for garage door repair or installation  in Plano, TX, then the services and quality offered by Plano garage door repair company will surely put you to surprise and make you choose them. It is important to choose a company which has a good reputation and experience in garage door fixing. Now there needs to be an equal balance in the services offered and the money claimed. Also the experts and technicians need to be well equipped and know what they are doing. The technicians have to offer expert help in fixing any issues.

Why Inspection by Experts in garage door Plano TX?

plano garage door customer serviceIt is important to inspect the garage door and check its functioning once in a while to know whether it is in perfect working condition. Seeking the help of professionals from garage door Plano TX will help fix all the issues you have been having with your garage door. Also certain components in the garage door like a garage door torsion spring need extra care. The professionals from an experienced service provider will have the expertise to handle such components and install them perfectly. This particular component if fixed without knowledge could be hazardous.

Also an early inspection from an Plano garage door team will allow you to gauge the gaps and issues if any at an earlier stage thus keeping your expenses in budget. These experts will definitely have solutions to all the issues related to garage door that a common man could never think of.

Why Customer Satisfaction is the priority at Plano garage door TX?

  • Plano garage door TX take care of the customer needs and serve to exceed the expectations set by the customer. When you go for a reliable service provider, you have certain benefits that you could redeem –
  • You have access and help at all times during the day. Now if you have any issues pertaining to your garage door at noon, you do not have to wait and call them immediately for help.
  • The best branded and highly rated products are made available. Not all the customers are aware of the components and best brands. Plano garage door repair TX ensure to give you the best.
  • Expert solutions are available even for the tiniest of issues. Now any component which needs a fix is considered and replaced be it a weather seal or a torsion spring.
  • Superior care and technical help available at all time during the day. The safety of the customers is our priority at all times.
  • Customized solutions are available at the expert service centers. garage door Plano TX do understand that every customer and his requirement are different and work towards a customized solution to fix every issue.
  • Budget friendly solutions are available by experts. The technicians not only offer solutions which are perfect but also budget friendly after analyzing what is required and how much one can afford.

Plano TX also provides an analysis and estimate, which is an important offering. Garage door Plano TX simply takes off every worry you have regarding your garage doors.







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Hire Garage Door Repair Plano TX For Emergency Garage Repair

Any object or device that undergoes repetitive movements is prone easily to damage or malfunctioning. When the said device is your Garage door, then you need to immediately hire professionals who have experience in the field to repair and maintain your garage door. What if it is an emergency situation? Then hire Garage Door repair Plano TX for emergency garage door repair services of all varieties for all garage door home owners.

Emergency Garage Door Repair Plano TX Service:

emergency garage door repair plano txThey have an efficient team of professional garage door technicians who can provide emergency service. They are available 24 hours throughout the day and even on weekends or holidays. All you need to do is place a call and able technicians will be at your place to assess the needs.

Further, Garage Door repair Plano TX ensure that any door that is repaired by them runs smoothly for a long time as they install only high-quality and suitable parts. Even small things that escape one’s eye are noticed by these keen and experienced garage door technicians and are easily addressed. This is because; small things which are not easily detectable may hamper the functionality of the garage door in the long run and can prove dangerous for you and your family.

Technicians of Garage door Plano TX service are efficiently trained:

Technicians in Garage door Plano TX are well trained and experienced to handle any issues from a broken spring to a malfunctioning garage door opener as they are provided the best training in the industry.

Are you facing dents, openers that are jammed, sporadic or jerking movements in the garage door or loud noises? Then get professionals from Plano Garage Door repair to your aid as they have undergone training on all aspects of garage door repair and also work fast to ensure your garage doors resumes its condition soon, as it is important to safeguard your house without any delay.

Efficient Garage door repair Plano TX service in emergency situations:

Did you have to deal with a broken garage door that does not open when you are home late from work? Don’t worry; just place a call to Plano Garage door repair for emergency garage repair.

They ensure safety of the customers when they attend to emergency garage door repairs by undertaking safety checks, checking your garage door panels as well as the sensor and tracker devices. They always come with a fully stocked service truck, as normally residential or commercial properties will not have the required tools for repair and it is difficult to get tools at odd hours. This saves time by avoiding multiple trips by the technicians to the service centre and back.

Never attempt to repair your Plano garage door by yourself today, because even a small error or messing up of certain parts might lead to severe damage later on. Since this is your most used entrance in your house and a huge portion of your home structure, it is essential you regularly maintain them to avoid emergency situations.

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How to select a garage door repair plano tx

Choosing the best garage door repair Plano TX is an important factor in ensuring maximum protection to your home’s garage area. The marketplace for the garage doors has widely expanded over the years. Buyers are therefore present with a broader choice concerning aesthetics, flexibility, safety, insulation, design, and durability.

Key Features To Look Out For In garage door repair Plano

Garage Door Design Style

Three most common design styles are Contemporary Aluminum Garage Door Models, House Steel Garage Door Models and the Classic Steel Garage Door Models. These design models are unique in different respects.

The Aluminum Garage Door Model complete with full glass view is for homes with a modern design. The Classic Steel Garage Door Models has traditional panel designs. It comprises of recessed and raised panels, both long and short. The model has many window options and thus complements the look of any home design.

Of the three designs, the Classic Steel Garage Door Models offers greater flexibility, finesse, and durability. The doors can swing and move up and down just like the standard garage doors. Also, they are very durable since they are made from steel.

Garage Door Plano Insulation Types

Insulate your Garage Door To Reduce Heat GainInsulation is key when selecting garage door Plano TX. Garage door insulation offers cost savings regarding energy and also provides great comfort. This need has been pushed up by more people using their garages to double as meeting venues for occasions and events.

the insulate garage door image by

For best insulation against noise and heat loss as well as for a quiet operation, look out for doors that are padded with polyurethane foam or polystyrene. These material have the highest R-value. Also, they offer durability to the gates.
Type Of Material Used by Garage Door Repair Plano TX

Wood, Steel, Aluminum and Vinyl are some of the materials used in making Garage Door Repair Plano.

Steel doors are durable. They need only little cleaning from time to time to stay in top condition. Vinyl garage doors are rust-free, resistant to dents and harsh weather conditions. They don’t need painting. Aluminum doors, on the other hand, offer better insulation, projects a modern look and need little. Lastly, for a beauty appeal to your home, you can opt for the wooden garage door. It, however, requires a lot of maintenance regarding staining or painting after a few years.


Ergonomics of Garage Door Plano

Safety is a critical factor to look into when selecting a garage door, considering that it will be almost the largest moving object that people will be interacting with around. Consider the pinch-resistant doors that can protect your fingers in case they accidentally come close to a moving door and garage doors with tamper resistant bottom brackets.

Design Of The Garage Door Windows


Always select garage door Plano TX with spacious window design. This will allow for maximum aeration and light penetration into the facility.

Garage Door Spring Design

The counterbalancing spring mechanism for lifting and closing the Garage door should be enclosed in a tube as they may be a health hazard. This will guard against potential accidents like the spring breaking after long years of use.

Garage Door Repair Plano TX Warranty

Purchase garage doors with longer warranty duration, which could be an indication of manufacturer’s reliability in terms of quality.

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Advice on Garage Door Installation and Repair from Plano Garage Door

Plano Garage Door repair understands that home improvement can be a bit of a maze. In an ideal world, everyone would have all the time in the world to learn the ins and outs of every type of DIY project for the home. Thanks to Plano Garage Door Company and our group of experienced professionals, the installation and repairs of your garage door are made easy.

plano garage door repair and installationWhile there are many areas of home improvement and repair where you can save money, the Plano Garage Door repair is not something to skimp on. The garage door is one of the heaviest items that will be installed in your home, making a poorly installed or designed unit a safety hazard for children, pets and yourself. Garage Door Plano TX prides itself in a high standard of products and a thorough service that will eliminate the possibility of accidents.

The parts that make up the mechanism in a garage door also pose a safety threat if they are not carefully installed and well maintained. Property experts say that the quality and aesthetic of your garage door significantly increase the resell value of your home. Another reason to invest in a good quality door from Plano garage door and opener is security for your vehicle and your home. This is especially important if your garage shares a wall with your living space.

One of the most efficient options for your door is an overhead unit. Plano garage door & opener can assist with the installation, maintenance and repair of your garage unit as needed. Many people overlook the need for maintenance and this results in emergency garage door repairs and unforeseen costs. It is best to call on a professional from garage door repair Plano to keep your door lubricated and to ensure that mechanisms such as springs and safety cables are replaced before they cause an accident. All types of garage doors are very heavy and springs can actually cause serious injuries. Having a professional revisit the installation every few months eliminates danger and inconvenience.

Eco Alternative Dynamic Garage Door in plano txgarage door repair Plano TX will also be able to ascertain the best options for your door, whether a roller, sectional, tilt or canopy option is best for you. While you can weigh, remove and measure your garage door and the space around it yourself, Plano Garage Door Company’s professionals have access to industrial equipment that make this process considerably quicker. A wealth of experience allows us to advise you according to your requirements.

Springs are not designed to last forever. Most of them are meant to have a fixed number of turns and then be replaced. It is essential to inspect your springs every few months to see if they are nearing the end of their given cycles. garage door repair Plano will usually replace both springs so as to avoid an unnecessary extra installation. The motion detector which prevents serious accidents in and outside of the garage is also within Plano Garage Door Company’s range of expertise, and one of our trained professionals will be able to assist with the repair.

A garage door is often overlooked, but very important for the value, safety and security of your home. Plano garage Door delivers high quality installation, maintenance and repair at affordable prices.



garage door repair plano


Plano garage door repair fixed my garage door so well. Having a broken garage door to me is the worst thing. I have been calling different companies to come and repair my garage door but it did not last so long before it broke down once more. My neighbors gave me options on how to manage my garage door and even went to an extent of giving me a list of companies to contact, in order to solve my garage door issues but still I had problems with it. One of my friends came to visit me and advised me to call Plano garage door Repair Company. My broken garage door was always my worst nightmare. Plano garage door repair have awesome garage repair services. My garage door ever since has lasted for so long without breaking down. I was also so happy with Plano garage door repair due to the following reasons:

Plano garage door repair are fast.

plano garage door repairI called in for my garage door to be repaired and garage door Plano were so quick to respond. The installers were there on time. This really made me so happy since I am always a person who expects punctuality at all times. They started fixing my garage door immediately and it did not take long hours or days like most companies which I called previously. When they start working they work so passionately and finish right on time.


Garage door repair Plano provide great service.

This is one of the main reasons I would recommend anyone to Plano garage door repair. Their service is so great and they seem to be so passionate on their job. They give clear guidelines on what they would do hence give you a good knowledge and understanding. Garage door Plano even gave me various suggestions/recommendations. My garage door ever since has not been a problem. They are efficient, very friendly and honest. I was very impressed with their level of service. I must say their service is excellent.


Garage door Plano charge a reasonable price.

I was happy with how Garage door Plano charged me for repairing my garage door. It was a fair price and considering their great service Plano garage door repair is a great company to call when you have issues with your garage door. Since, they are pocket friendly.

Plano garage door repair have great professionals.

I have had very great experience with Garage door Plano. They have friendly professional installers that seem to be very passionate about their job. They repaired my garage door so well. The garage door that has long been a problem has never again been an issue. Garage door Repair Plano repair garage door springs, rollers out, panels torn or broken.

if you want Garage door Repair Plano to come and fix your plano garage door visit them at

Garage Door Repair Plano are specialized in professional garage door services. Plano garage door repair knew exactly what they needed to do to my garage door. They fixed my garage door and adjusted everything.

Plano garage door repair have expert knowledge.

My garage door has been breaking down so often, I am not sure what or how the previous people used to repair because it kept on breaking down. However, ever since I called garage door repair Plano Texas my garage door has not broken down. I must say they have expert knowledge in repairing and to add on to that they really gave me good advice on how to maintain my garage door to avoid future disappointments.

Garage door Plano Tx are trustworthy.

garage door repair plano tx give you good advice and have courtesy that made me love them. Their main focus is to give you a quality service that would make you be satisfied. garage door repair Plano are also very reliable.

Plano garage door repair do their job to satisfaction.

Plano garage door repair exceed expectations. I was very satisfied with their work and if I need my garage door to be repaired they are the first to contact. They did a well done job.

garage door repair Plano deliver what they promise.

They promise to give you an excellent service and for sure I can attest to that and thumps up! And it is the best garage door repairing company that I have so far worked with.

Plano garage door repair return calls on time.

Plano garage door repair returned my call even though I did not call on office hours. However, they acted promptly.

Other things that made me love to work with garage door repair Plano TX is the fact that:

  1. garage door repair plano txPlano garage door repair have free repair estimates.

This helped me to budget myself and determine whether I will be able to afford.

  1. Plano garage door repair do installations.
  2. garage door repair Plano TX are insured and bonded.
  3. You can call them at any time 24/7. I was hesitant to call them during the night since I thought no one will be there to receive but I was surprised to hear someone pick up the call. The call charge is waived upon repair.
  4. lastly, is the fact that they not only serve people from Plano but other areas as well. I am from Garland and they managed to repair my door garage. This made me feel so glad. I truly loved their services. Their services are superior and I admire their work and passion to deliver great service.

As I conclude, I would like to say that Plano garage door repair is the best garage door repair company I have worked with, and I would recommend them to anyone if they are looking for quality good service and to get peace of mind. I really appreciate the service that Plano garage door repair offered to me and I don’t regret doing business with them. Finally, I am enjoying a stress free life since my garage door has no disturbing issues like before. They truly are the best. Whenever I look at my garage I remember what a great service they offered to me! And hence forget the stressful times I had when my garage door was always breaking down. Plano garage door repair company is the best according to my experience with them.


The Most Common Garage Door Repair Projects

Although you might think that your garage door is a simple piece of equipment, you should know that it is made of a lot of complex parts. As a result there are a lot of things that could fail. In order to be prepared for emergency situations, you should be familiar with the most common problems that could occur.

The following are the major common problems that generally occurs:

  • The door doesn’t open or close completely
  • The door reverses
  • The motor won’t stop working – you need fast garage door repair
  • It seems to be on but it doesn’t move

garage door opener

Let’s look into each and every one in comprehensive and detailed manner:

  1. The garage door doesn’t open or close completely

If you have a modern garage door, most probably it comes with two garage door sensors. It is important for these to be perfectly aligned and not to have any obstruction between them. If this isn’t the source of the problem, the culprit might be the limit switch. Usually this is located on the back of the garage door opener. It comes with two plastic screws for up and down and you have to turn them to adjust. Once you made the adjustments, you should check to see if this solves the problem.

  1. The garage door reverses

In some cases you need garage door repair because the door opens again right after closing. In this case you will have to try adjusting the limit switches again. If the door doesn’t even reach the floor before opening back up, the culprit might be the close force adjustment unit. This problem appears as the door gets older and the springs loosen. You will just have to increase the force of the garage door springs.

  1. The garage door opener won’t stop working – you need fast garage door repair

One evening when you get home you might notice that the motor seems to keep running even after the overhead door closes. This means that you will have to look at the limit switch. You can adjust it on the track or on the opener unit. Try and see whether this trick worked.

  1. It seems to be on but it doesn’t move

garage door springs repairIn case the overhead door opener is humming but the door doesn’t move, it means that it is functional and you will have to check the different parts to make sure that there is no obstruction. Another possibility you could think about is force adjustment. Even though the motor may have the power to lift the weight of the overhead door, the spring might not be strong enough. This means that you will have to adjust the force.

In order to check whether or not there is a problem with the opener, you should eliminate it and open the door manually. Try opening the door a few times to check the springs and the tracks. Then try releasing the door halfway. It is supposed to keep its position; if it doesn’t, you can be sure you have a problem with the garage door springs.

On the other hand, if the door maintains its position, most probably there is an issue with the opener. You should go on using the door manually and consult with a professional.

Even though you might think you know nothing about garage door repair, there are some basic tasks that you can handle on your own.

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